Monday, 15 July 2013

13 Questions with...Liz McClarnon

1. Hello Liz! We've recently seen you back in Atomic Kitten in The Big Reunion series on ITV2 followed by a very successful nation-wide tour - what was it like being back on the road with Kerry and Natasha? Easier than I thought to be honest and I speak for all of us when I say that. We've all changed so much and we were all open about our worries but it's been such a laugh. It's been one big party for us.
2. We hope to see Atomic Kitten on their own tour very soon - is there any plans for this to happen? Not at the moment. There isn't enough time. But if we did, we'd go all out to make it a great experience for everyone.
3. Are their any plans to release new material by Atomic Kitten? We have recorded a little. It's been good being in the studio with the girls instead of being alone. 
4. You seem to have a great passion for cooking! What is your favourite recipe? For me it's not that a have a favourite recipe but rather making things up in the kitchen. The only time I follow a recipe is if I'm making a soufflĂ©, you can't mess about with them. 
5. If you could take any 3 celebrities to dinner, who would they be? Dawn French, Debra Messing, Paul O'Grady. They're all so funny, we'd eat good food and laugh all night. 
6. What would you serve to impress at a dinner party? I don't like being the host at a dinner party, too much washing up. :) but If I do have them everyone usually wants the deconstructed beef Wellington that I won masterchef with so I've always got my own oxtail stock in the freezer ready to make the jus as that's the most laborious part of the dish.
7. You'll be opening a new restaurant in Liverpool very soon! When is this set to happen? It won't be soon sadly as I can't find the perfect venue. I'm really picky and it has to be right. Vibes are really important to me. I have to walk into a place even if it's derelict and get a feeling. It'll happen, but it hasn't yet. I'm already excited though.
8. You'll be back on screens this summer with a TV documentary, tell us a bit about what it's about. It's about cyber stalking. It's a tough one for me to talk about still and filming the doc was hard for me, plus hearing other people's stories too. 
9. Following your career for many years, I know you've done A LOT of great things. Would you ever write an autobiography? I'm proud of my life so far and my career but at the same time am quite private. There are a lot of things I'd like to put straight, somethings you read and think, that's not true but I think that's just part of this job. I wouldn't like to tell all in a book, for everyone to know everything about you. That'd be freaky. Ha 
10. Who inspired you to be the woman you are today? My mother is a very strong woman. I come from a family of strong females, that's all the inspiration I need. 
11. Would you like to return to theatre? Yes! I love it so much. My goal for a while now has been to play Glinda in Wicked. I love the theatre and I like that kind of character. She'd be amazing to play!
12. Have you got any solo music projects planned? There are a lot of things i think about like Country music it's my passion. I would love to be able to sing that all the time. I write still, I think I will always do that. 
13. You recently overcame your phobia of flying on ITV This Morning! That must have taken a lot of courage, what advice would you give to people with a phobia? I would tell them that I've discovered that a fear of something is not just about the fear itself, it develops because of other things that have happened in your life. So for me flying was never my favourite thing but my fear developed through something else that happened to me that had nothing to do with flying. Think about what that could be & you're on the first step of the ladder.
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! I can't wait to see what's next in your career. 
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