Monday, 1 July 2013

Katie: A New Chapter

Well - my first blog post. Here it goes. . .

Yesterday was an amazing day. It was cool to catch up on Coronation Street with a big mug of tea in the morning. Then it was time to get ready to set off to meet Katie Price again!

Just the other day I tweeted her telling her that haters will hate and they just buy her books to make fun of her. At the end of the day - she makes a sale! She tweeted back:

Yesterday afternoon I stood in the queue with a copy of Katie's latest novel, 'He's The One'. So I queued...and queued...and then we finally moved along into Waterstones. Others were being turned away because the centre was closing. Then, the queue suddenly started flowing! It was time to meet Katie! I was so excited - and the fact that I'd met her already three times didn't change anything. I was as hyped as ever.

When walking up the stairs, it was hard to spot Katie, because there were people everywhere. Sooner than I thought, there I was - face to face with Katie Price as she signed others' copies. Then it was my turn. This is where I became unconscious of the world around me. It didn't even feel like I'd just been squashed in a queue waiting. It didn't even feel like there was anyone else there!

I greeted Katie and we spoke. She sounded so happy. It was great to see that after all the things people say about her - she still goes out and does what she loves. Katie signed the copy and then looked up and smiled as I was about to leave. 'Can I have a photo please?' 

After we had our photo it was time to leave. 'Take care, Katie!'

Now I was at the escalator ready to leave. Already? What just happened? Where did all these people come from? I was back on Earth.

Katie's a lovely, genuine person and people shouldn't judge her for what the press write about her. She's really a good mother...not to even mention her being 'Celebrity Mum of 2012'. I also feel sorry for the people who checked her tweets a couple of days ago and targeted me for liking her. If you don't like her...why go on her page and tweet me hate for liking Katie? She is really good to her fans. Also - her books reveal a side to her which I think everyone would find inspiring. Whether they admit to it or not.

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