Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Question with...Britney Spears!

The legendary Miss Britney Spears (my hero) was in the UK this week. She was set to appear on BBC Radio 1 The Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw. @R1Breakfast on Twitter asked for questions from Britney fans to ask Britney on Wednesday morning. So I tweeted in my question: "@R1Breakfast #britneyliterallyspears: If you could step into somebody else's music video, who's and which would it be? From ADAM"

The next morning, on Wednesday, I woke up early and had my tea listening to BBC Radio 1 and then Britney came on to speak about her residency in Las Vegas, her new single - 'Work Bxxch' and other things. I continued to listen in the car on the way to school but sadly missed the end part. I finished school at 12pm and rushed home to hear the interview and I was so eager that I asked Omaar in the car if Britney had answered my question. I was SO happy to hear that she did! Britney had to pop 5 balloons with a spear as part of BBC Radio 1's 'Britney Literally Spears' game and she popped my balloon and answered my question! (I was the white balloon, the first to be popped!).

Britney: "Ooh that's a good question. Errr, I'm 
tryna think...Robin Thicke! Yeah, I would be in a video with Robin Thicke."

See what Britney answered here:

If you can't view the video from mobile, click here to listen and skip to 14:08:00! 
Don't miss the femme fatale, Britney Jean on ITV 'This Morning' on Monday 21 October 2013 with Alison Hammond (who kindly sent Omaar Britney's perfume - 'Midnight Fantasy' which she got from Britney's press day after interviewing her! My mum is very happy with another Britney perfume in her collection!)

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