Thursday, 14 November 2013

13 Questions with...Montanna Thompson

I caught up with Tracy Beaker star, Montanna Thompson, who you may know as Justine Littlewood! She made a comeback to screens this year on Channel 4 and is headed for the big screens very soon. Here are 13 Questions with...Montanna Thompson! 

1. Hi Montanna! You played ‘Ellie’ in Channel 4’s ‘Dates’ which aired earlier this year in the summer. What was this episode about? Ellie and David's date was more of a catfish situation she lied about her age so immediately it was awkward but in the end they had a good date as friends and she sends David back to Mia. Ellie is very mature for her age with a warm and bubbly personality. 

2. You played the role of ‘Evie’ in ’TAG’. When is this movie set to be out? Evie is a quiet girl who is very reserved and this is what makes her get bullied by the other kids in school. All I will say about Evie is maybe you should watch out for the quiet ones. It is set to be released early in the year 2014. 

3. What is ‘TAG’ about? TAG is a British horror where a deadly disease is spread, turning people into demons that kill, continuing to spread the curse like a game of tag.

4. What are your views on bullying and cyber-bullying, as this issue is a huge problem today? I think people who have to bully others are really insecure and probably upset by themselves. To make someone weak does not make you strong.

5. You played the role of Justine Littlewood in CBBC’s ‘The Story of Tracy Beaker’ for four years (2002 – 2006) - what was it like returning to the role of Justine for ‘Tracy Beaker Returns’ in 2012? It was lovely returning to the Dumping Ground and seeing all the talented new kids there as well as seeing Dani for so long, it was really nice. 6. How did it feel working with Dani Harmer and Connor Byrne again? It was great working with them. Connor always makes me laugh, he's just too funny (in a good way LOL).

7. Are you and Justine anything alike each other? What do you have in common? Well in a way I'm ashamed to admit it but I think me and Justine might have some similarities, probably in music and fashion but I'm just a third of her fiery personality, plus she can be a right cow when she's ready, I like to think I'm a lot softer. 8. Would you ever consider returning to  The Dumping Ground as Justine again? Maybe - that's all I can say.

9. Do you still keep in touch with any of the cast members from ‘Tracy Beaker’? Yes, I still talk to Nisha, Darragh, Cieran, Ben and Abby (Elaine, Crash LOL, Bouncer and Jackie as well as Rochelle and Charlene - Addele and Jenny). Me and Rochelle are still close.

10. If you could invite any 3 celebrities to a dinner party, who would they be? Ed Milliband, Beyoncé, Barack Obama.
11. Have you ever been star struck when meeting a famous person? If so, who was it? Yes, I was so nervous when I met our Queen - one of the best moments in my life!
12. Who inspired you to be where you are today? Old fashioned movies from at least the 1940s, I think the acting was amazing - so real. 
13. What sort of roles do you want to play in the future? Any roles the more different from the last, the better. That's what its all about.

Thank you so much for taking part Tanna! Is there a message for all your Twitter followers and fans?

"Yes! Thank you, without them I would have probably 

given up xxx"

Watch Montanna as Ellie here:

Watch Montanna on set of Channel 4's 'Dates' here:


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

13 Questions with...Marcus Collins

1. Hello Marcus! Last year, you released your debut album, ‘Marcus Collins’, which did really well on the UK charts. Please tell us a bit about what it was like to record your own album.  It was incredible to be able to come off a show like X Factor and go straight in to the recording studio and get my feelings down on record and for so many people to buy it was a dream come true. 

2. What was it like having the album chart in the top 10 of the UK charts? It was an amazing feeling!! I love seeing it on the shelves and I'm very proud of it! I wasn't an established song writer before my own album and I wrote it in under 2 months! I look at it as my diary of emotions from that time. Its funny when I listen back and see how much has changed!

3. Since appearing on The X Factor 2011, how has your life changed? It’s changed in ways that are dream like to me…I was struggling to live and wanting to do music 24/7 and it was very disheartening at times, now I have worked hard and own a wonderful home and have worked alongside and met with some amazing people that have changed and shaped my life and me as a person. 

4. What made you want to play the part of Jack in Derby LIVE’s production of ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’ this Christmas? It genuinely seemed like a laugh and after my run with Hairspray: The Musical it seemed like a good idea! I love theatre! There is always that unknown adrenaline of what could happen with live theatre and I think I've learnt how to read the audience.

5. What’s your favourite thing about being in a pantomime? I don’t know I have never done one yet…haha. 

6. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? The shopping for others, warm comforting food and drinks, the atmosphere, the rushing around and the build up to the day then being hung-over Xmas day, eating and drinking with those you love! 

7. What has been the highlight of your whole career? Probably writing my album, and performing before royalty. I've done so much I never dreamt I would achieve and I look back smiling and look forward excited.

8. Have you ever been star struck when meeting a celebrity? Yes...first meeting Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland. That was shockingly scary. Also when I met Lady Gaga that was crazy too, she gave us hair clips hahahah random.

9. If you could invite any 3 celebrities or famous people to dinner, who would they be? Chelsee Healey coz she's one of my good friends and a laugh, Stevie Wonder so I could tick off my bucket list of singing alongside him and BeyoncĂ© because I've met Kelly and Michelle and it would be nice to have the full set. Hahahaha. 

10. Are you planning to release any more music? Yes, I've just signed my second record deal and I'm back in the studio as we speak, working on new acoustic tracks and some music that people wouldn't expect to come from me.

11. How does it feel going back into music? It’s very exciting.

12. 1500 meters of canvas, 30 kilos of glitter, 100 litres of paint, 24 metres of magic silk, 150 beanstalk leaves and a pantomime cow…how would you describe this year’s production of ‘Jack & the Beanstalk’? SPECTACULAR AND ITS GOING TO BE MAGICAL..... 

13. Do you have a message for all of your fans? Thank you for your never-ending support and I will continue to give 110% at everything I do! I love uyou and see you soon x

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

13 Questions with...Daisy Dance

She has had 2 singles which made The Official UK Top 40, she's toured with Girls Aloud, she's performed at Wembley and has been part of British girl band, Girls Can't Catch. Most of all, she has a very inspiring story. Here is...Daisy Dance!

1. Hello Daisy! Since leaving Girls Can't Catch, you have been working on your own solo music (which sounds absolutely phenomenal!) Tell us a bit about what you've been up to and recording in the studio. Hi Adam. Thank you!! Since the demise of, and also before GCC, I have, and always have thrown myself into writing, recording and performing when and where ever I can!! I'm currently working with Soulshakers and AudioFreaks (musical directors of the hit show 'The Big Reunion'). We've been creating music for the past 18 months. They have been writing and producing hits for over 10 years and together we have teamed up and written some incredible tracks, 3 of which have been signed! I'm also regularly performing in show bands and acoustic nights whenever I can. I go mad if I'm not gigging somewhere... anywhere! Music to me is a passion, it's as simple as that. I don't need to have all the airs and graces surrounding it, just as long as it's forever part of my life, i'm happy and fulfilled. 

2. How did it feel to record your very own album at the age of 15 and having one of your songs recorded by an urban producer which ran for Eurovision? I recorded my first album at 14!  I was spotted singing at a family BBQ by my first manager, Mark Stock. I remember being extremely nervous and shy. I'd been offered this huge opportunity, but looking back now I realise I was too young to fully understand the industry and also the songs I'd been given to record. I'm what you call a late developer. Some people are ready early on, I'm just about mentally and emotionally ready now and that reflects in the music I write.  

3. Is it true that Girls Can't Catch was originally going to be the name for The Saturdays? I was told by the label that Frankie from The Saturdays suggested 'Girls Can't Catch' as a potential name for them before they eventually became 'The Saturdays'. Shall I let you in on a little secret? I never liked the name 'Girls Can't Catch' I remember begging management at the time not to call us that! 

4. Who inspired you to become a singer? I come from a musical household where music, especially powerful female singers, were played daily.  Although my sister and my mum were not professional singers, they could both sing exceptionally well and at the time all I wanted was to sing as well as them.  

5. When was your first big performing experience? I spent my childhood living in Brighton with my mum. I went to Goldstone Primary School where I was picked to play Mary in the Rock Nativity Play. It was the story of Jesus with a rock n roll twist!! Throughout rehearsals I suffered from nerves and I was painfully shy, the teacher was concerned that vocally I was too quiet and wouldn't perform well.  However, on the night of our first performance, something happened when I got up in front of the audience. From nowhere this huge voice came out, and I felt alive.  I think I got a standing ovation. I knew from that day onwards I would be singer. 

6. Throughout your whole career, what has been the highlight? My absolute highlight was playing Wembley with my family in the supporting and watching in the audience. It doesn't get much better than that!!  

7. What was it like supporting Girls Aloud on their 'Out Of Control' arena tour in 2009? What was it like meeting them? I feel a little sad when I hear some of  songs Girls Aloud sang on that tour now. It was probably the happiest time of my life. My dad was alive, and I was living the dream. It's a time I will always remember and cherish but also never get back. The tour was magical, chaotic, scary, emotional, but above all an absolute joy. Girls Aloud and their dancers were nothing but friendly and welcoming. We were very lucky to have been a part of it. 

8. If you could duet with any artist, who would it be and why? Honestly, I'd love to do something with Phoebe Jo Brown! She is a great talent and we've always worked well on stage together. Since GCC, we have performed at parties for fun and theres always so much chemistry between us on stage together! You never know...

9. Have you ever been star struck when meeting a celebrity? If so, who was it? Yes, Beverly Knight. I don't tend to get star struck by 'celebrities' but I've always been a fan of Beverley Knight and I think she has a phenomenal voice! I'm in awe!  

10. If you could invite any 3 famous people in the world to a dinner party, who would they be? Hmmm, Theres a question!! Ok, off the cusp,  Cameron Diaz, because she seems like a laugh. Susan Sarandon, because I secretly wish she was my 2nd mum!  And either Jack Nicholson or Jeff Goldblum, both exceptional actors with quirky charisma, I'd like to ask them lots of questions and gain some kind of insight into how their fascinating minds work. 

11. If you weren't a singer, what would be your alternative career option? I'd be in charge of my own property business! 

12. Is there anywhere fans can hear some material you've released on the internet? Yes!! I've recently written and released a track called 'Take Me To Vegas' which you can buy on itunes now! I wrote it with Warren Myers (Soulshakers) and it was released under Black Hole Label. I currently have two more tracks pending release, Andi Durrant ft Daisy Dance 'Take Me Underground' and 'Delete' which is signed to Lifted House. You can also go onto my YouTube site, daisydanceofficial for music, videos, covers and updates!

13. When are you hoping to release your debut single? I'm writing and releasing music all the time under indie labels. It's not as extravagant as the GCC days but I'm fully in control of what I write and record. Creatively It's very satisfying and therapeutic. Of course there is always a small part of me that would like to create a big hit, I think every singer/songwriter wants that, we'll see...!! 

Thank you so much, Daisy! I had fun talking to you and I can't wait to hear your new material! 


Watch 'Echo' by Girls Can't Catch here:

Download 'Take Me To Vegas' by Daisy Dance here!

Take a look at Daisy's official YouTube channel here!

Hear 'I Am What I Am' by Daisy Dance here: