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13 Questions with...Amelle Berrabah

In December 2005, she joined Heidi Range and Keisha Buchanan in British girl group, the Sugababes. Since then, they have released many hit singles which include 'Walk This Way' (with Girls Aloud), 'About You Now', 'Change', 'Girls', 'Get Sexy', 'About A Girl' & 'Wear My Kiss'. They released their most recent studio album, 'Sweet 7', in 2010 and she has set off on a new journey and is planning a solo album. I got the chance to quickly catch up with the amazing woman herself. Here are 13 Questions with...Amelle Berrabah!

Amelle Berrabah by Mastronardi Media. Amelle
is set to release her début album very soon!
1. Hello Amelle! You featured on the single ‘Love (Is All We Need)’ with Adam J & Nightcrashers – what was it like to release new material this year?
Amelle: It was really good to be back and to also be out of studio for a little bit. 

2. How do you feel about new music? 
Amelle: I can't wait to release again.

3. Back in 2003, you won Top of the Pops Magazine’s ‘Star Search’. How did it feel to win and what opportunities did this create for you?
Amelle: It felt amazing and gave me more ambition to achieve my career goal, so therefore it gave me an opportunity to be in a successful girl band.

4. Since the Sugababes’ last album – ‘Sweet 7’ - in 2010, there’s been a lot of rumours that the band has split. Are there any plans to release new music with Jade and Heidi in the future?
Amelle: We would like to but at the moment we are focusing on our own individual projects.

5. What is your favourite Sugababes track?
Amelle: Too Lost In You.

6. Have you written any tracks which are set to appear on your album?
Amelle: Yeah I've written most of my album!

Amelle Berrabah by Mastronardi Media.
7. Who inspired you to be the woman you are today?
Amelle: My family and life experiences.

8. If you could duet with any other artist, who would it be?
Amelle: Mary J Blige!

9. Great choice! Why Mary J Blige?
Amelle: I always admired her as an artist.

10.  Have you ever been star struck when meeting a celebrity? (Like I was when I met you at The British Soap Awards. I went crazy!)
Amelle: Beyoncé.. she is a genius!

11.  If you could invite any famous person to dinner, who would it be?
Amelle: Beyoncé!

12. If you could pick two more dinner guests to make it a real party, who else would you invite?
Amelle: James Franco and Lady Gaga.

13.  What message would you give to any aspiring singers?
Amelle: Never give up on your dream!

Follow Amelle on Twitter and keep up to date with her latest tweets. I'm excited to hear new music! Thank you to Amelle and Angela. If you liked these photos, there's more on the Mastronardi Media website. Photos of Amelle can be seen here!

Amelle Berrabah by Mastronardi Media.

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