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13 Questions with...B*Witched

In 1997, Irish girl group B*Witched were formed. Sinéad O'Carrol, Keavy Lynch, Edele Lynch and Lindsay Armaou achieved major success across the world. They had four number one singles in the UK and every one of their singles made the top 20 on The Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart. Their début single 'C'est La Vie' made it to Number 1 in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand! They released their last studio album 'Awake & Breathe' in October 1999. 13 years later, it was announced in October 2012 that the group would reunite for ITV 'The Big Reunion' with many other bands such as Atomic Kitten and Liberty X. Since then, the girls have toured the UK twice with The Big Reunion, unveiled a new track titled 'Love & Money', released 'I Wish It Was Christmas Everyday' as the ITV Text Santa 2013 single (raising money for six charities) AND their new EP is available to pledge for. I caught up B*Witched and got the chance to speak to the girls about their careers, music plans and what they've been up to. Here are 13 questions with...B*Witched!

1. Hi girls! Firstly, it's great to have you back on the scene as a girl group. How did each of you feel when you were first approached to reunite for ITV 'The Big Reunion'? 
Keavy: I was really not sure. It took me about 8 months of going back and forward to finally make a decision. I'm a Counsellor now and I was worried about how my two different roles would work together. But I'm so pleased I said yes. It's been an amazing journey and I'm grateful.
B*Witched are back and they're ready for 2014!
Edele: I didn't want to do the big reunion at first and I kept saying no and the option kept coming back around so I eventually thought there must be a reason for this so I said yes in the end.
Lindsay: I felt apprehensive because I knew that we would,d have to go on an emotional journey and there was no knowing how that would turn out. But equally I knew it was something I really wanted us to do. 
Sinéad: For me it was basically...erm...I kinda wanted to do it straight away so I just knew that we'd been talking about it and different promotors had been asking us a few years prior and, erm, I kinda felt it was now or never and also I kinda felt know, we assumed there were risks. Basically, ITV are gonna put the whole thing together and if there was ever a chance we should do it was kinda in this particular way so I was from the get-go on board.

2. How is it different this time round than it was when you were first together?
Keavy: It's so different in many ways. The industry has changed so much, downloads, social media, chart sales! Social media is a great way to keep in touch with fans that we never had before. Also for us the pressure is off this time, we are not striving for number 1's or working 17 hours a day, so we can enjoy it more.
Edele: This time around it has all been about enjoying ourselves without any pressure, all we are expected to do is do a good performance and it is what we do so to get on the stage and be able to concentrate in that feeling without chart success or media pressures it's amazing.
Lindsay: There's a lot less pressure because it's just been about performing together and enjoying ourselves. There's no record company breathing down our neck or pressure to get high chart positions. It's on our terms now, it wouldn't work any other way as two of us are mums and we all have other commitments in our lives this time.
Sinéad: It's different in a few ways actually. One of the main things, it's like, I just remember being in that, being in B*Witched when it was just all about, you know, you got up in the morning and you knew exactly what you were doing and so it's very different just having, you know - being at home, being a mum, trying to juggle it all. Your focus is not fully on it because you don't have the time in the you probably have realised trying to interview me! (Laughs) It's like crazy! So that's the difficulty but the on the upside you kinda just really enjoy the moment and, erm...yeah, you just really appreciate it a lot more.

3. Lindsay, you were recently cast for a role in '2 Days In The Smoke' which is set to be out very soon. Please tell us a bit about acting and this movie. 
Lindsay: Acting is something that makes me feel alive. I love to play another character, it's so much fun but also a challenge and I like a challenge. I hope to take on more acting roles in 2014. 2Days in the smoke is a thriller and I play Georgina who is a call girl. It's a really great film and Matt di Angelo stars in it.

4. Edele, how did it feel to win 'Celebrity Apprentice Ireland' recently? 
Edele: It was great to win Celebrity Apprentice. It's not an easy title to win and it's amazing to be able to hand over €45,000 to LauraLynnHouse, they are Ireland's only hospice for children.

5. Sinéad, please tell us a bit about your musical workshop - Star Academy - which was set up in 2007.
Sinéad: Well basically there's about five, I do a nationwide workshop throughout Ireland, just kind of doing audition techniques and all that kinda stuff...and then it wasn't until...I think until 2009 actually, so 2009 I set it up where I live in Greystones in Wicklow and I'd just had my first daughter and if kinda felt it's what I'd do and I'd love to be able to kind of pass this on to other kids so I set up a school and so I teach every Saturday and Wednesdays. So I have nearly 80 kids and stuff like that so it's going good. I love to still do it, to put shows on and that kinda stuff. 

6. Keavy, you recently did a Collection Gig with Make A Wish UK. You're a huge supporter of charities, please tell us what this charity means to you. 
Keavy: I believe in giving back. I have had some great opportunities in life and when I have free time I like to use it wisely and help others if I can. I've been with Make A Wish for about 14 years now. It started when I was in the band last time and a wish was granted for a little girl to meet us. After the band I started volunteering. For those children we can't put days on their lives but we can put life into their days and that is special.

7. What is each of your favourite B*Witched track ever recorded and why?
Keavy: Mine is 'It Was Our Day'. It was written about mine and Edele's Nana and is a very special song to me.
Edele: My favourite is Are You A Ghost. I lied writing it, it is such a beautiful song, I think it is the single that got away, I would've lied the opportunity to make a video for it an release it.
Lindsay: Blame it on the weatherman is mine, it's just a great song in my opinion and appeals to all ages. It goes down so well at our live shows!
Sinéad: My favourite one is...erm...'Blame It On The Weatherman'. I just love everything about this song and it was just was great doing it this time on the tour actually because we really...I don't know just started actually performing it and I think it's one of those songs (apart from 'C'est La Vie') that's played quite a lot on radio and I think it has still the test of time. It's kind of like Natalie Imbruglia 'Torn', so it has that thing that doesn't really lose it's classiness. Just think it's a really, really good song. 

8. Earlier this year, you unveiled 'Love & Money'. What was it like being back recording music together as a band?
Keavy: It's so exciting being back writing and recording together. I'm really looking forward to the new year for us. have actually just voted 'Love and Money' into their top 30 2013 songs, that's cool! 
Edele: It was great being back in the studio to write and record love and money, we were back with our old producer Ray Hedges for that one as well, so it was just like old times (a bit mental). We are making new music and if you go to you can pledge for the new EP exclusive gigs and lots more.
Lindsay: We really do bounce off each other in the studio and have a great working chemistry. I'm looking forward to doing more.
Reunited: The girls were given a modern makeover but still had on the trademark denim of their girl group look
B*Witched on The Big Reunion Tour 2013.
Sinéad: Oh it was great doing 'Love & Money' 'cos we went back with Ray - out producer - he lived in Jersey so everything about the whole trip to Jersey was just beautiful - getting into the studio with Ray and it's really weird how everyone kinda fell back in place and he's so lovely, like to be around. I really enjoyed it. I was kind of a bit nervous as well and a little bit like...yeah - just a bit nervous! (Laughs) 

9. You continued touring the UK with 'The Big Reunion' this Christmas in 'The Big Reunion Christmas Party Tour'. How did it feel being back on tour and performing your hits for all the fans again?
Keavy: It's a amazing getting to be on stage singing our songs again. The fans have been so supportive and we are grateful so we are very pleased to get to perform for them again this Christmas. 
Edele: The big Christmas reunion was a great tour, the show got all of the fans and ourselves right into the festive spirit. I was sad to see it end.
Lindsay: I felt blessed to be able to do a second arena tour in the space of a year. It's such an honor to have been part of the whole experience and our fans have been amazing.
Sinéad: Oh, it's just been the best year to be honest. Like, I'm looking at all, like The Big Reunion 2 and I'm tweeting them and I'm kinda going "aww, I'm so jealous" that they're kinda doing it all over again! I mean the interviewing part was difficult but the rehearsals for the tour, you know, I was like "aw I wish we were back doing it again!" even though I found it quite difficult being away from the kids and, yeah it didn't feel alright for the first while but then I kinda got into the swing of it! 

10. What does each of you feel has been the highlight of your careers?
Keavy: Mine is definitely our arena tour back in 1999. Amazing experience to head line our own arena tour. 
Edele: The highlight of our career for me was our arena tour, there's nothing like designing a stage set and writing a stage show and bringing it to life, this for me is what it's all about, the creative.
Lindsay: Having success in the states was a massive highlight and a huge achievement. We toured there four or five times and I'm very proud of that.
Sinéad: Career? Wow. Er...let's see. I guess...erm...doing our own tour. That was one of the highlights and did The Royal Variety Performance years and years ago and I grew up watching that so I absolutely LOVED that and that was a big highlight for me. Erm...then doing other stuff in America. You don't realise at the time what you're doing and it's now you look at artists like One Direction and they're doing all these TV programmes going "Oh my God! You know, we did all those as well about like 14 years ago!" 
Me: You've achieved quite a lot in your time! 
Sinéad: Yeah, I know! And I don't think there were many English acts at that time doing stuff like that. Or Irish acts so I think doing the whole America thing was just pretty big. So that was definitely like a big highlight. 

11. If you could invite a famous person to dinner, who would it be?
Keavy: This is a hard one eeeemmmmm..... John Mayer so he could sing to me haha! I love his voice.
Edele: I wouldn't mind catching up with Beyonce, I haven't seen her for years and she was always solo lovely when we bumped into her, all the Destiny Child girls were lovely.
Lindsay: Sheryl Crow, then we could get the guitar out and have a jamming session.
Sinéad: Oh God! Er...haven't got a clue! (Laughs) really stuck me there! There probably is somebody and I cannot think. I've gone completely blank. Erm - probably Beyoncé. She's be a pretty cool dinner guest!

12. What is your idea of a perfect Christmas?
Keavy: Family :)
Edele: Family being with family
Lindsay: It's family time for me and time to reflect on what's important in my life.
Sinéad: Just being with family, you know. Just kinda relaxing - nobody getting stressed! (Laughs) A lot of people tend to get stressed during Christmastime. 

13. If you could each give a message to your fans, what would it be?
Keavy: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being behind us a second time in our carrier. None of this would be possible without you, thank you xxx
Edele: Make sure You love yourself as well as others, you are of first importance. To love yourself is key. 
Lindsay: Thank you for your amazing support this year, we hope to continue to do you proud in 2014!
Sinéad: I just think, a massive big thank you for all the support and continued support I guess. It's been very overwhelming to actually, you know...and you get to see fans when you do the shows, when you do the tour - stuff like that. So, just a massive thank you! 

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If you haven't already, listen to 'Love & Money' here!

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