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13 Questions with...Heidi Range

Heidi Range
She joined British girl band the Sugababes in 2001. Since then, they have released six number one singles and two number one studio albums. In 2012, she appeared in series six of ITV Dancing On Ice and in 2013, she competed in Celebrity MasterChef! Now, she is embarking on a whole new adventure and is currently touring the UK with the theatre production 'Happy Days: A New Musical'. Here are 13 Questions with...Heidi Range!

1. Hello Heidi! You're now in theatre! How does it feel to be playing the role of Pinky Tuscadero in Happy Days: A New Musical?
Heidi: It's great! She's such a fun character to play and I love the song that I get - I get to sing quite a few numbers that show different styles of singing. So that's really nice to be able to show all the different styles I can do and I get to dance as well so it's great.

2. What is the musical about and what does Pinky get up to?
The focal point is Arnold's diner, which was the focal point in the TV show, and the storyline is saving Arnold's diner from demolition. Pinky has been travelling round the country and she comes back in town to help try save the diner.

3. How do you feel about touring the UK with this production?
I'm really excited! I've had like, about a year at home, I've been moving house and getting settled and everything and now I'm ready to get back out there and it's just so nice performing every night again. You know, I love singing and getting that buzz every night is such a joy.

Heidi as Pinky in Happy Days,
which is currently tourng the UK.
4.  So, are you settled in alright then? Heidi: Yes! Yes, I've settled really well. We're in a different city every week so that keeps it really fresh because you're discovering new places and, you know it keeps it fun.

5. W
hy did you decide you wanted become a stage actress?
Heidi: Erm, well I've done theatre before. I'd done it before Sugababes. I'd don't a few shows then, although that was quite a long time ago! So, it's something that I've always wanted to do again in the future and it was just waiting for the right role and the right role, really. So, I was a fan of Happy Days and I loved the songs and the character so it was just the right one to go for.

6. Who inspired you to be the woman you are today?
Heidi: I guess my mum. You know - I think my mum and my nan. They're the strong female figures in my life and yeah, I'd say my mum.

7. You're a great singer - have you ever considered recording any solo material and releasing your very own album?
Thank you. Er...not at the moment, no. It's not something that I think I might never do, but at the moment theatre's more what I'm interested in. Theatre and TV. Cos I've been so lucky to have know, recorded albums and it's just nice doing different things.

8. In 2012, you were in series 6 of ITV Dancing On Ice - how did it feel to learn how to skate and what was the whole experience like for you?
It was pretty scary! Cos it's quite a dangerous sport, actually, when you're up in them lifts and stuff. But it was great to learn a new skill! It was totally different to anything I've ever done and now I can ice skate backwards! So that's nice! (Laughs)

Heidi Range at the Happy Days: A New Musical
press night in January 2014.
9. In 2013, you took part in Celebrity MasterChef! What is your favourite recipe?
Well, my favourite thing to cook...I cook a really lovely seafood curry. It's like a fat-free seafood curry so that's my favourite one to do cos I can eat as much of it as I like and I don't feel bad

10. If you could invite 3 famous/celebrity guests to a dinner party, who would they be?
Ooh...3? Erm, I think I would have...dead or alive is it?
Me: It's completely up to you!
Heidi: Ooh - I'd have Frank Sinatra, erm...I would have Peter Kay and I would have Madonna!

11. What do you hope to achieve (that you haven't already) this year?
Heidi: I think this year I just really wanna enjoy the theatre world. Do more stage shows. I'd like to be on the West End - that would be a goal, yeah.

12. What has been the highlight of your career?
Heidi: I don't think I've got one highlight. I've been so lucky to have done so many different things and travelled to so many different countries, performed on different know, I'm so lucky, it's all really been a highlight. I guess we performed at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday which was amazing. We were the first girl band to play the main stage at Glastonbury - that was a highlight. We sang with James Brown - that was amazing...just so many things.

13. What message would you like to give to all of your fans?
Heidi: Just thank you for their support. I'm so lucky to have done everything I've done so far and I just hope that they like what I do in the future and come and watch the show! (Laughs)
I had the best time talking to Heidi. I can't wait to see Heidi again as Pinky in Happy Days: A New Musical in the summer! 

Me and Heidi Range at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2008!
That was a dream come true...and yes, that is Josh Peck's head.

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Happy Days – A New Musical is written by Garry Marshall, the legendary creator of the television series. Garry is also the director of many world-wide smash-hit films including Pretty Woman, Beaches and The Princess Diaries 1&2. It includes 21 original songs by Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe award-winning Hall of Fame Songwriter, Paul Williams (Bugsy Malone, Evergreen, Rainy Days and Mondays). The show also contains the much-loved Happy Days theme song from the TV show.

Starring pop star HEIDI RANGE as Pinky Tuscadero, CHERYL BAKER as Mrs Cunningham and BEN FREEMAN as the legendary Fonz, Happy Days – A New Musical is a hilarious feel-good musical that is guaranteed to have you rockin' and rollin' all week long!"

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Heidi and the cast of Happy Days.

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