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13 More Questions with...Liz McClarnon

Liz McClarnon - FashionWorld

Liz McClarnon - FashionWorld
As my thirteenth blog post, I have decided to do a very special interview. She was the first person I ever wanted to interview. It took me about two years but in July 2013, I finally got the chance to interview her. She's always been so lovely to me. She's a member of British girl band Atomic Kitten and has had two number one albums and three number one singles! The band released their last single, 'Anyone Who Had A Heart', in 2008. Then, the band took a break to work on solo projects. In 2013, Atomic Kitten reunited for ITV The Big Reunion, toured the nation twice on two successful UK tours AND they released the official ITV Text Santa single of 2013 with The Big Reunion, 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday'. I am so lucky and blessed to have gotten the chance to speak with her again. Here are 13 More Questions with...Liz McClarnon!

1. Hello Liz! It's great to have Atomic Kitten back! How do you feel about being back in the band?
Liz: It's crazy. If you'd have told me this would happen I'd start laughing. Towards the end the band got quite hard to be in but all those old feelings are gone and it's like we're brand new people. 

2. What did you miss the most?
Liz: I'm so glad to have a second chance with our friendships more than anything else.

3. How is it different this time round than it was back when you were first together?
Liz: Like I said, our friendships feel like they're based on something real. We understand it was OK to feel confused years ago, we were young.

4. How did you feel when you were first approached to reunite for ITV The Big Reunion?
Liz: I felt afraid to be honest. I was scared to be out there again in the band, it's so different to my life now. I knew though that we'd have to do things differently. For our own sanity.
Atomic Kitten - ITV The Big Reunion.

5. In 2013, you toured the nation twice in The Big Reunion Tour and The Big Reunion Christmas Party Tour. How did you feel being back on the road again? 
Liz: It was absolutely brilliant!! I loved it so, so much! There is nothing like the feeling of being on stage in front of huge crowds. Nothing will EVER match it!

6. Would you like to record new music as a band again? 
Liz: We've talked about it. We like the idea of it but we haven't found anything that's for us.

7. What is your favourite Atomic Kitten song and why?
Liz: It might be selfish to say but "Someone Like Me" was written in minutes and it was from my heart so I do like to sing it. But it's amazing to hear everyone sing Whole again with us. So either of those for me. 

8. You recently took a cookery course at Ashburton! How was the course?

Liz: It was pretty tough! hardcore! It was an advanced course so the recipes were extremely complicated.

9. Have you learnt any new recipes?
Liz: I have 2 huge folders full of notes. But it gave me so much confidence in my cooking. I'm ready for anything now!
Liz McClarnon - FashionWorld

10. If you could each invite a celebrity guest to a dinner party, who would it be and why?
Liz: Dolly Parton - I want to sing with her, I want to pick her brain about country music and writing.

11. If you could each pick a highlight of your career, what would it be?
Liz: Writing in Nashville and getting to know some great people out there. It was always nice to be invited to Buckingham palace too! ;)

12. What do each of you really hope to achieve in 2014? 

Liz: Open a restaurant. Go back to Nashville to write. Think about having a baby. Be in a film (not in that order).

13. Finally, do you have a message for your fans and supporters?

Liz: To all of you that have supported us from day one, I've never known more loyal people and I thank you so much for the words of support, the cheering, the faith and love you've shown us! I'm here for you as you have been for us.To all of you just getting to know more about Atomic Kitten through The Big Reunion. Hello! ;) I hope to see much more of you and thank you for watching.x

Thank you to Liz! Follow her tweets on Twitter (where she once said I was like having 'the best boyfriend in the world'!) to keep up to date on her amazing journey. Visit her official website or her FashionWorld page to see her newly launched swimwear collection. 

"Everything in this range has clever features to smooth, support and flatter your figure, so you look great and feel confident in your swimwear. Look out for my handpicked collection with bright prints that will make a statement!"
- Liz on her new swimwear. 

Thank you for reading!

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