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13 Questions with...Katie Price

Katie: Through My Eyes

She's a mother, model, businesswoman, British media personality, reality TV star, and a best-selling author. In 1996, she started her modelling career and since then, has appeared as a contestant on the third series of ITV I'm A Celerity...Get Me Out Of Here! in 2004, returning to the show in its ninth series in 2009. She's established herself in the publishing industry and has released five successful autobiographies, eight novels, two children's series AND a fashion book. She was crowned Cosmopolitan's Woman Of The Year in 2007 and in the same year, she won the Gratten Award for Celebrity Mum Of The Year.  I'd say she's quite a successful woman - not to mention having released three successful fragrances and launching her clothing range 'KP Equestrian; in 2008! After years of supporting The Vision Charity, she was honoured with their 'Vision-ary' award in 2012 at the 37th Annual Vision Charity Ball. She has raised money for this brilliant cause in many different ways, including training for and running the Virgin London Marathon in 2011. The Vision Charity raise funds for the benefits of blind, visually impaired and dyslexic children. I got to discuss this charity and its amazing work further with the beautiful woman herself. Here are 13 Questions with...Katie Price!

1. Hello Katie! So you've done a lot of work with Vision Charity in the past and have been supporting this cause for over 10 years. Being partially sighted myself, I think the work you've done is amazing! Why did you choose to support Vision?
Katie: I choose to support the charity as Harvey was also born blind and now has some sight which is amazing. It's a great charity that helps with vision and different needs and anything. 

2. You've fundraised for Vision in many ways, including playing on Channel 4's 'Deal Or No Deal'. Please tell us a bit about some of the ways in which you've raised money for Vision Charity.
Katie: Anything I can do I'll do - the hardest for me was London marathon! 

3. How did it feel running the Virgin London Marathon for Vision Charity in 2011 and how was the training process?
Katie: Running the marathon was very difficult but inspiring at the same time - it's an amazing day, running with different people all there to raise money for different charities. I would love to do it again! You definitely have to train properly for this.

4. At the 37th annual Vision Charity Ball in December 2012 you were honoured with the presentation of the Vision-ary Award 2012 for your personal contribution during the previous 12 months! How did it feel to be presented with this award?
Katie: It's amazing to get any award as it doesn't happen much haha but I was very thankful and I keep it on display my kitchen.

5. Why would you encourage people to get involved with this charity? 
Katie: I would say to people to always get involved in a charity as there's people who really rely on the help and support as it's good to give back and not about giving money, just raising awareness is a brilliant thing too!

6. Do you have any top tips or fundraising ideas for those that want to get involved with The Vision Charity?

Katie: It doesn't matter if it starts with a quiz in a pub with raffle ticket - anything as all money helps 

7. You released your latest autobiography 'Love, Lipstick & Lies' in 2013. What was your favourite thing about writing a new instalment to your autobiographies?
Katie: I love doing my books. There are always new updates and it's something I really enjoy doing.

8. Do you hope to write another autobiography or novel soon? 
Katie: Yes I have just signed a new deal with Random House and am very excited about this year.

9. Baby Jett Riviera was born last August! How is it for you having another beautiful baby?
Katie: I love babies and want more - I love having a big family!

10. What do you hope to achieve in 2014 that you haven't already?
Katie: There's lots of things I haven't achieved - I want to do more for Vision and bring out more products! Harvey is amazing at drawing frogs and would like to do a calendar of his pictures to raise money for charity!

11. You've had a very successful career - what has been the highlight for you?

Katie: Apart from having children, everything I've done is so different so it's hard to say what's been the highlight. I'm lucky I've travelled and been able to make a brand.

12. If you could invite celebrities/famous people to a dinner party, who would they be?
Katie: I don't really have anyone I'd be like 'wow', as I treat everyone the same, but if I had to, i'd find and research people who are best at fundraising and giving. I would say people like Bob Geldof, Russell Brand, Annie Lennox, Angela Jolie and the princes.

13. Finally, do you have a message for all your fans? 
Katie: With my fans I wouldn't be where I am today. I have very loyal fans and I thank them for their support!

You can support The Vision Charity by donating to the amazing cause. If you're looking for fundraising ideas and want to learn how you can get involved, click here.

"Vision Charity was created in 1975 and celebrates nearly 40 years of fundraising and helping blind and partially sighted and dyslexic children. Our original foundation was in the professional and corporate radio and television industries but since that time we have broadened our reach within and beyond the Visual Communications Industries. "
- The Vision Charity

Don't forget to follow Katie on Twitter or visit her official website to keep updated on her latest projects. More details on Katie's new book will be announced soon so keep posted! Thank you to Katie for a lovely interview. Buy your copy of Katie's most recent autobiography, 'Love Lipstick & Lies' on Amazon.

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