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13 Questions with...Girls Can't Catch

Girls Can't Catch: Happy Alone

The 5th Anniversary

In 2009, Phoebe Brown, Daizy Agnew (Daisy Dance) and Jess Stickley released their début single 'Keep Your Head Up'. The official music video was released on this day 5 years ago. The single charted at number 26 on The Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart and their next single, 'Echo' (released in January 2010) charted at number 19. Phoebe was previously in the girlband 'Hope', who rose to fame on The X Factor  2007, finishing fifth. Daizy appeared on MTV's Urban Base. She was voted winner of Hugo Urban Rules 2006. Daisy has since gone back to her family name, now being known as 'Daisy Dance'. Jess was one of ten finalists of the Motorokr competition in 2009 where she travelled to New York for a professional recording session in the city's top recording studio. The girls then formed a band and released 'Keep Your Head Up' & 'Echo'. They opened for Girls Aloud on the 'Out Of Control Tour' in 2009, playing venues such as The O2 Arena, London and Wembley. Later that year, they supported the Jonas Brothers on their European leg of their 'World Tour 2009'. The girls also played at the iTunes Festival in London. They were signed to Fascination Records, home to acts including Girls Aloud and The Saturdays. In 2010, they sadly disbanded and went their own ways. Phoebe has now moved to LA to pursue her music career, Jess has played various solo gigs and Daisy has written and with AudioFreaks, the musical directors of ITV The Big Reunion. To celebrate the girls' fifth anniversary, I reunited them for one last interview. Here are 13 Questions with...Girls Can't Catch!  

1. Hello girls! So it's been 5 years since the release of 'Keep Your Head Up'! How did you feel when you were signed as Girls Can't Catch to Polydor Records? 
Girls Can't Catch - 'Keep Your Head Up'
Daisy: I can't believe it's been 5 years already! Time really does fly by quickly!
We shared a short but wonderful time together and we were very lucky to have experienced such a unique journey. One to tell the grandchildren for sure!
Phoebe: Hi Adam! It was amazing! We had so much fun. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.
Jess: It was a totally surreal feeling having been in school literally one day and a day later being signed and then on tour with GA, I had no idea what to expect! 

2. How was it to have your début single, 'Keep Your Head Up' chart at 26 on The Official UK Top 40? That's an amazing achievement!
Daisy: I don't think any of us expected a top 40 with our début. Simply because we came together so quickly and we really didn't have much time to promote, but through hard work and determination we gained some incredible fans and broke into the charts. It was a very exciting time.
Phoebe: We couldn't believe it when KYHU hit the UK top 40. I think we celebrated hard that night :) Thank you to everyone who bought it. 
Jess: It felt incredible - I remember walking into my local HMV and seeing it on the shelf it felt so weird being able to buy my own single!

3. Girls Can't Catch recorded so many great tracks which have now been released on the internet for fans to hear. Which song that you recorded did each of you personally feel would've made a great single?
Daisy: We were very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with such prestigious producers and writers. I loved all of the songs from our album but if I had to choose, my personal favourite would be 'You're The Kinda Man' which was a sexy/RnB track, written and produced by Johnny Douglas and Emily Friendship. I kept in touch with most of the producers we worked with and still have the pleasure of working with Johnny now.
Phoebe: I loved 'Unconditional' and 'Alone'. They were very powerful songs, it's a shame we didn't get to release them as singles. I'm glad they're online for people to hear though. 
Jess: It always has been and always will be my fave - 'Unconditional' which we performed on the GA tour. Second to that would be 'Happy Alone' as I think it had a great pop/rocky feel to it that I could imagine hearing on the radio.

4. Jess, you have performed various solo sets which can be seen on YouTube. Please tell us more about what you've been up to since Girls Can't Catch disbanded?
Jess: I've been enjoying doing some TV projects and presenting for various TV shows since GCC.  I was also scouted for The Voice and most recently by the X Factor team for this year but I don't feel like it's the route I want to take currently, but never say never! 

5. Daisy, you released 'Take Me To Vegas' last summer (with Zeb Baso) and other material has been uploaded to your YouTube channel. Can we expect another single soon?
Daisy: Yes you can! I also co/wrote and released 'Delete' which I hear is doing very well in Spain, Marbella in particular. Both 'Take Me To Vegas' and 'Delete' are available to buy on iTunes.
Towards the end of last year I teamed up with SiverLand and we have been in the studio non stop writing for a record label who have just signed one of our tracks ready for release around August/September time. I will be shooting a video in the next 6 weeks which I'm very excited about!! Watch this space I guess..! Writing is a big passion of mine, I write for myself and other artists.

6. Phoebe, you've moved all the way across the pond to record music in LA! How have you found living there and do you hope to release any material?
Phoebe: I have!!! I love it here in LA! it's crazy and massively different to the UK, however I am missing my friends, family and English banter!!!
I'm in the studio all the time recording and writing. I usually upload my material to my Sound Cloud page and YouTube which is open to the public to hear. I'm working on a really exciting project at the moment, so watch this space...

7. You toured with both the Jonas Brothers and Girls Aloud during your time together. How did it feel to be given these opportunities and to play in some major venues?
Daisy: Playing those kind of venues is almost indescribable. It's like your in a bubble of your own, running on pure adrenaline and excitement. For me, it's such an addictive feeling you crave to have those moments again. We were fortunate to have toured with two hugely successful but also friendly and welcoming acts.
Phoebe: I was lucky enough to have completed an arena tour with The X Factor 2 years before so to be given a second chance was insane! I put everything and more I learned from the first time into the second time. It was great to do do it again with that kind of experience already behind me. Still absolutely terrifying though!!
Jess: I'll never forget the feeling of playing the O2 in London and touring with GA allowed me to do that, having all of my family and friends there to watch it happen was a night I'll never forget so I'm so thankful I got the chance to play my dream venue! 
Daisy, Jess & Phoebe looking
lovely at the '
St Trinian's 2: The Legend Of 

Fritton's Gold'
World Premiere 2009 in London.

8. If each of you could invite a celebrity guest to a dinner party, who would it be and why?
Daisy: Cameron Diaz, she's hilarious. 
Phoebe: Cheryl Cole;  because I've met her a few times now and really think she would be a laugh [or] Céline Dion;  because I got to sing with her in Hope and she is amazing [or] 
Beyoncé Knowles; again, she is beautiful and so talented. There is so much I could ask her!
Jess: Well I think mine's pretty obvious but would have to be Kanye just so I could quiz him about all things music! If I had to pick a celeb date then it would defo be Channing Tatum!

9. If you could tell everyone something about yourself now, what would it be?
Daisy: Last year I was rushed to hospital with what turned out to be peritonitis after having my appendix removed a week before. The doctors couldn't predict an outcome over the week I was in, it was just a case of, let's see how each day goes. It was an awful time and I felt mostly sorry for my mum who was going out of her mind with fear. Anyway as you can see I pulled through. However that experience really brought it home to me that you really don't know how long you have on this planet and you really do have to cherish and appreciate every moment. Heavy stuff right?! ;) 
Phoebe: I'm a grade 5 pianist, I've also been a vegetarian my whole life, Never eaten meat and I won't either out of principal.
Jess: I definitely think GCC made me grow as a person it taught me many things but it mainly taught me to trust my gut instinct. I've always wanted to be a singer since I was young and although I carried on studying whilst I was on tour, I'm now more determined than ever to follow my dream! 

10. Who inspired you to be where you are today?
Daisy: My mum and my dad. Both free spirits and both encouraged me to follow my heart no matter what. They inspired, and continue to inspire me today.
Phoebe: Céline Dion!!!
Jess: Musically I have so many idols that I aspire to even now but honestly it would have to be my family for always supporting me no matter what and for driving me every week to London when I was younger for my vocal coaching and for travelling all over the UK/Scotland to watch me on tour - I think they saw the OOC tour more times than I did!! 
11. What has been the highlight of each of your careers?
Daisy: I always say this, but it has to be playing Wembley!!! There's nothing else like it.
Phoebe: Playing the O2 and shooting music videos!
Jess: Playing the O2 Arena! But I'm hoping there are many more highlights to come! 

12. Would you ever consider reuniting someday to perform for your fans? Maybe even to record a new track together?
Daisy: Never say never but it's highly unlikely. However Phoebes and performed a duet in Soho last year while out with the Big Reunion Directors. You can catch the footage here! Cringe...! 
Phoebe: Who knows??!!!
Jess: I doubt it - sadly GCC weren't well known enough to do a big 'reunion' get-together.

13. Do you have a message for all your fans?
Daisy: A big fat thank you!! Although the 3 of us are no longer together, there are other projects each of us are working on for the future and the fans will always be the first to know! Keep following on twitter MsDaisyDance! X
Phoebe: Thank you for all your support! I'm hoping to release some more music for you in the next 18 months. Love Phoebe xxxx
Jess: Thank you so much to all of you who've continued to support me through the GCC years and beyond it means the world!

Picture of Girls Can't Catch

Thank you to Jess, Phoebe & Daisy for reuniting for this one-off exclusive interview. it's been great to celebrate five years by talking to them. It's amazing to see how each of the girls are off on their own exciting ventures and I wish them all the luck in the world because they deserve it!

You can follow the girls on Twitter @OfficialJessS @Phoebejobrown & @MsDaisyDance

Although we didn't get an album, you can visit the official Girls Can't Catch YouTube channel to see behind-the-scenes action. Don't forget you can still watch 'Keep Your Head Up'  and 'Echo'. If you want to hear the tracks for their album, they are now available on YouTube! This was the last goodbye and each of the girls are happy'll be hearing from them soon!

The first photo I ever saw of the girls as Girls Can't Catch!

Thanks for reading!

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