Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Question with...Miley Cyrus

Anyone who knows me knows how I adore Miley Cyrus...a lot! I've been a huge Miley fan for eight years. In July 2013, James Everton asked Miley my question! I haven't posted it yet so here it is, A Question with...Miley Cyrus!

July 22 2013:

What message would you give to the fans who have supported you right from the start?

Miley: I mean, they're the only reason that I'm able to still do this so I'm just like so thankful. I mean, they're so intense. Especially with like VMAs coming up and Teen Choice Awards, I mean they will like make that happen. They will not quit voting. When the fist video, when 'Can't Stop' came out, I saw pictures of my fans, they would have like five computers open at once, playing the music video on all five so it would get the numbers up. And they're like that dedicated so I love that my fans do that.

We smilers LOVE Miley too! I have had so many great memories with Miley. Growing up, she was one of my favourite actresses/singers and still is to this day.

April 23 2009: I attended the Hannah Montana Movie Premiere in Leicester Square, London and that's where I first met Miley! Miley also first announced her world tour there and said she was going to come back to the UK...

December 29 2009: I went to see Miley Cyrus in the WonderWorld Tour 2009 at The O2 Arena in London! She pointed our way quite a lot...I had the time of my life!

November 9 2010: I met Miley again at an autograph signing session at the launch of her 'Miley & Max' range.

May 10 2014: I saw Miley Cyrus in the Bangerz Tour 2014! I had so much fun rooting for my baby and she loved the banner!

Thank you for reading!
- Adam!

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