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13 Questions with...Keith Lemon


Through The Keyhole with Keith Lemon!

Being a failed businessman has its perks...you can go into television! He first appeared on our TV sets in 2000 in London Weekend Television's Whatever I Want, then moving on to Channel 4's Bo'Selecta! and A Bear's Tail. He is known for his Very Own Brilliant World Tour, Celebrity Juice, Lemon La Vida Loca and of course as the "Dream-Meckah" who travelled up and down the UK making fans' dreams come true in 2012. He also hit the big screens that year with a feature film! In 2013, he hosted the revival series of Through The Keyhole in which we see beyond celebrities' keyholes and are taken into their homes. The series last year was AMAZING and now, he's back with a new series! Quite a smashing CV, I'd say. After discussing how 'weird' technology is, I talked with him about everything. Literally, everything. We spoke about the new series, his career, his books, his movie, the Spice Girls, Simon Cowell's house and a LOT more. Bleached hair, fake tan, Yorkshire accent, a ginger moustache...who else could it be? Here are 13 Questions with...Keith Lemon!

1. Hi Keith! How's your day been?
Keith: Yeah, just doing a bit of PR with you. What else am I doing? I'm just finishing off little touches for my new book and that's it really.

2. It's funny you should say that, one thing I wanted to ask was if you had any plans to write new books, after your autobiography 'Being Keith'?
Keith: Yeah, well I've written one called 'Little Keith Lemon' which is about me growing up, through me teenage years. It's extremely graphic and rude because I had no etiquette as a teenager. I've also written a kids' book called 'The Beaver and the Elephant' which isn't rude and it's really nice. When I haven't been filming, I've been doing illustrations for that as well. 
Me: That's really exciting! I'd like to see that!
Keith: Yeah, I'm really excited and hopefully we'll do an audio book for it as well so I could do the voices for the elephant and the beaver! 

3. You recently filmed the new series of ITV 'Through The Keyhole', please tell us a bit about the series and what we can expect from the new show.
Keith: Well, I think this series is better than the last. That doesn't mean to say I didn't like the last series but it's just that it's all new and fresh. We know exactly how to play it now. We've got the ball and we're running with it and we know where our feet are. Our feet are at the end of our legs. Yeah, we know what to do! So, it's miles better. It's a lot more fluid in the same sense as Celebrity Juice - but obviously not as rude. And we've got some great panelists; I think the first episode is Jonathan Ross, Ruth Langsford and Alan Carr! And we've got some great houses. We went all over (well not all over the world), we went to America, France, all over Britain. I spent more time in other peoples' houses than I did in me own house! I'm really excited about it! Apparently I'm not supposed to say who's house it is. The game would be defunct (laughs). It's weird though, because we don't say who's house it is until the second part of the VT. They go 'oh, you botched it now!' - well actually, it's to guess who's house it is and we have to reveal who's house it is so the audience can crack whether the panel are closer to guessing who's house it is! 

First look: Episode One of Through The Keyhole:
Keith with panelists Jonathon Ross, Ruth Langsford
and Alan Carr!

4. What attracted you to wanting to host 'Through The Keyhole'? 
Keith: When I was a kid I got a video camera and the first thing I filmed was me doing a spoof of 'Through The Keyhole'. So then I got asked would I host 'Through The Keith-hole', I said on the title alone I'll do it. "'Through The Keith-hole', that sounds good!" and it was just gonna be the same format but Keith-hole not Keyhole. Then I think David Frost and Loyd Grossman said no, and then suddenly my name escalated to household status (which is nice!) and - this was a period down the line - they asked me again if I would do 'Through The Keyhole', not 'Keith-hole' and I said yeah! Apparently, David Frost and Loyd Grossman thought I had the right anarchy to make it contemporary again. We did the pilot, Loyd Grossman came down, he watched it, he cried laughing - which was a bonus! Even though, I said "I don't think it matters if it's funny or not, it's just really interesting and as a nation we're nosy - that's why it's gonna work!" It's a bonus that there's people laughing so that's great. Yeah, so they said "yeah, we wanna do it". We did the first series, it did really well, so here I am talking to you! Promoting the second series which I think is better than the first series!!
Me: Yeah, it's funny isn't it?!
Keith: Yeah, it's crazy!

5. If you could sneak into any celebrity's house (who you haven't already), who's would it be and why?
Keith: Erm, Katy Perry. I'd go to Katy Perry's house. When she does a concert, it's very visual. I've often wondered: do some of those props lead into her house?! I'm a bit obsessed with Katy Perry at the moment. I like the idea of her playing Wonder-woman. I think she'd make an amazing Wonder-woman. Who else's house would I like to go to? Kate Beckinsale. I recently met Kate Beckinsale and fell in love with her in a second..wow, she is a stunner! Who else's would I go in...Simon Cowell's. 
Me: Ooh, that would be interesting!
Keith: It would, wunnit?! Cos I mean come on, straight after X Factor, I'll watch X Factor, see him saying to someone "you're rubbish, I don't know why you bothered" and then me in his house saying "it's rubbish! Why did you bother with that room? I don't know!" It would be interesting to see what his house is like, wunnit? I know we see the outside of it, when they do the final when he's in America or wherever he is, but it would be nice to see the inside of there. And where does he keep Sinitta? 
Me: Oh yeah! Good question!
Keith: Yeah. Is Sinitta in house all t'time, ready to come out and help him choose people?
Me: Maybe. I think she is.
Keith: I don't know. Don't know where he keeps her. She looks good though - she dun't age, that woman. 
Me: She doesn't!
Keith: She doesn't, does she?! I wonder how old she is? She doesn't look any different from when she sang 'Toy Boy'! Or 'So Macho'! She just looks the same. I bet she'll say it's water. Every time you say a celebrity looks young they say: "oh, I just drink plenty of water". F*ck off, it's something else. Tell us!  

6. In June last year, you released your début single 'I Wanna Go On You'. Would you like to release any more music? 
Keith: Yeah, I would! But I haven't had time cos this year I will have done two series of Celebrity Juice, one series of Through The Keyhole', I've started a new show [The Keith Lemon Sketch Show], and I've been writing two books so I haven't had time to fit anything else in. But yeah, I enjoyed it. I did it with my mate, Tommy. He wants to do an album. He wanted to mek an album last year but I said to him, I said I can only do it when I've got time. But yeah, there was some inspirations of Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake on there...that sort of music I listen to. Then, sometimes I like to go a bit more rock from the 80s then I listen to it in excess. I think one day, I probably will do an album, yeah.
Me: Maybe you could even duet with Katy Perry?!
Keith: I'd love to do that! Or I know Jessie J...I know Paloma Faith quite well...that would more likely happen, me and her to do something. Me and Emma Bunton have talked about making a Christmas song a few Christmases but every year we go "oh, we'll do it next year".
Me: I love Emma Bunton!!
Keith: Yeah! So she was chatting about doing a Christmas song and I said "yeah, I'm up for it! Tell me when!"
Me: I think you should definitely do that, that would be something I'd like to hear!
Keith: Yeah, yeah I'd be up for that. 

Keith with Emma Bunton in Keith Lemon: The Film (2012)
7. Please tell us a bit about your 'Hooch' campaign. How does it feel to have your face on a Hooch bottle this summer. 
Keith: It's weird to have your face on a Hooch bottle!! I went into Sainsbury's and I just bought a newspaper and a bottle of Hooch. That's the weirdest two things I've ever bought together at the same time. It looked like I'm off to read a newspaper and get drunk in t'park or something. Yeah, it was strange! I mean, I'm proud...I wanted to touch strangers and say "Hey, look at this! Come over here. That's me on a bottle!" Yeah, it was fun doing it. I used to drink Hooch back in the day and they approached me and said it's making a comeback at festivals with young people. When I say 'young people', I don't mean children. I'm talking about people that are old enough to drink, obviously. They said we think it would be great if you do a campaign for us and I said "yeah! I'm up for it". So yeah, we sat around a table and came up with some ideas. They were all laughing at me when I was saying 'ooch. They were going "it's Hooch, not 'ooch!" and I said "why don't we just film that then? Me getting it wrong!" Yeah, I hope we do some more! I think it would be good to follow on the campaign. 

8. In 2008 you did 'Keith Lemon's Very Brilliant World Tour' in which you visited six countries, meeting various celebrities. How was this experience and would you consider doing this again?
Keith: Wow, that's a long time ago! I'd love to do another one if they asked me. Since then, they've done An Idiot Abroad, and Karl Pilkington's done a great job doing that show. They've also done Tom Daley, they've also done Mark Wright 'Party Wright Round The World' and they've also done Joey Essex, doing his travel thing. So, there's been a lot of travel shows since then, so I don't know if it's flooded with it at the moment. But if they asked me, I'd like to go to some places that I've not been to. I've never been to India. I'd like to do that. But I really enjoyed it, and I think out of all the places I went to I think Japan was my favourite. I'm a big fan of America, although I wouldn't live there, but I like going there on holiday. 

9. When can we expect to see a new series of 'Celebrity Juice' and what can we expect to see in the series? 
Keith: The new series is September, I think...well I don't think, I know. It's in September. What can you expect? Someone's filling in for Holly, who I'm not allowed to say, but I already know who it is. So there'll be a new team captain. I expect there's new games from the last series, there's a new game every episode. I rarely know what's going on until I get there, I rarely know who the guests are gonna be until I get there. That's my most common tweet: "I don't book the guests cos I never know who's on till I get there!!" But they try to keep it as fresh as they can. So I expect some of the same and new stuff. 

10. You've had Mel B from the Spice Girls feature on 'Through The Keyhole' and Emma on the panel. If you could pick any Spice Girl's house to visit, which would it be and why?
Keith: Well I've been to Emma's house millions of times, I've been to Mel B's house a few times, I've never been to Mel C's, I've been to Geri's...I suppose Victoria Beckham's, really. Cos I've never been to her house. I've met her, and I've met David. But I've never been to their house and just because I know who they are, yeah I think there'll be a lot of interest for me to go round their house and do Keyhole. It would be good, wunnit?
Me: Yeah, I would like to see that.
Keith:  Yeah, yeah, I think that'd be good.
Me: Have you ever seen the Spice Girls perform?
Keith: Have I seen them perform? About eight times. 
Me: I've seen them once!
Keith: When they did their reunion thing years ago, I had a bit of a break and went with them.
Me: Really?!
Keith: Yeah, I went on tour with them, so I've seen it a fair few times (laughs). I'm good mates wi' Jade [Jones] so I ended up having a drink backstage. So I've seen it lots of times.
Me: That's very lucky!
Keith: Yeah, I am lucky!

11. In 2012, you hit the big screens in 'Keith Lemon: The Film'! Are there any plans for a sequel? 
Keith: Yeah, I wrote one but then there were arguments about the script and now I'm in the middle of rewriting another one. So I don't know when it will happen...or if it will happen! Nothing is certain till it's finished. Keyhole isn't certain! They might go "oh, I don't like it" and never put it on! Nothing is certain till it's been out really. But, yeah I'm on a second draft of a sequel, yeah.

12. If you could invite three famous/celebrity guests to a dinner party, who would they be and why? 
Keith: Erm, who would it be? Katy Perry. It would be Katy Perry, Kate Beckinsale and er...Michael J. Fox! I'm a big fan of Back To The Future so yeah, Michael J. Fox. I actually own the teen wolf costume from the film Teen Wolf. Kate Beckinsale, just to admire, and also Katy Perry, just to admire. 
Me: OK, that would be a fun dinner party!
Keith: Yeah, it would be nice, wunnit?  
Me: You've probably been starstruck a lot of times with the celebrities you've met...
When I met Kate Beckinsale last Monday. Yeah, I was at a party and she came over to say hello. She said "I've heard I should come and meet you because I'll like you". I said "do you know who I am?" She said "yeah, I spend a lot of time in America but yeah I've seen your show", "yeah, yeah, you will like me I'm nice. I'm not like I am on t'telly I'm not rude. But then again, I guess your not a vampire in real life!" And she wun't a vampire, she was just fit. She was stupid fit. It was insane how fit she was. She should've had a bag on her 'ead. She was so fit, she was amazing! She looked beautiful. 

13. You've had some amazing opportunities in your time. What has been the highlight of your whole career?
Keith: The highlight of my career? Going to your own film premiere, that was quite an 'ighlight cos I've been to many film premieres. I can remember a few months previously going to The Amazing Spiderman premiere where I met Andrew Garfield, he were quite nice, erm and about a month later I was going to me own premiere, it was bizarre! So yeah, that was a big thing. But then again everything I do feels like an 'ighlight, I feel very lucky that this is my job. Getting the commission for 'Through The Keyhole' was a big highlight cos it's prime time ITV on a Saturday night! I used to watch 'Through The Keyhole' when I was a kid and now I host it, so this is a big highlight for me as well! And when I've got the kids' book, I'm really excited about that. I've had a couple of books out for adults (they've been a bit naughty!) so it's gonna be different doing a book for kids and who knows, they might end up being summet similar to Peppa Pig World, but it'll be The Elephant and the Beaver World. I don't know! I don't know where it'll lead to. As long as I'm having fun it's an 'ighlight.

Finally, Keith wanted to give the following message to everyone reading...

Keith: Watch 'Through The Keyhole' straight after X Factor on Saturday, watch Celebrity Juice, Thursdays, 10 o'clock, ITV2, in September when we'll have a fill-in team captain that I'm sure you're gonna really enjoy! Erm, just stop being negative, generally, in the world. Cos it ages you! And if I don't see you through the week, I'll see you through t'keyhole! 

Thank you Keith for the wonderful interview. To everyone reading, do NOT make the same mistake I did, buy Lemon La Vida Loca on DVD here! Don't forget to follow Keith on Twitter for all the latest goings on. Celebrity Juice is back in September, and The Keith Lemon Sketch Show is coming soon. Through The Keyhole returns on Saturday 30th August, 9.25pm on ITV.

Thank you for reading!

- Adam!

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