Friday, 26 September 2014

13 Questions with...Beth Sherburn

She has recently worked with Lil Wayne on her new international single, 'Joker'. Having performed alongside acts including Conor Maynard, Katy B and Kimberley Wyatt, she recently toured with girl band The Saturdays on their Greatest Hits Live Tour 2014. On tour, she performed 'Joker' as well as other tracks from her upcoming album. Get ready to hear a lot more of her! The 23 year old singer/songwriter made her name through traditional hard work and dedication to her dream. Here are 13 Questions with...Beth Sherburn!

1. Hello Beth! So your new single 'Joker' is out! How are you feeling?
Beth: Really excited. Very excited. Yeah, the response I've had for Joker has been incredible. So, it's just so exciting, you know the fact that I've been writing my own material and it's finally's just very exciting!

2. What influenced you to write 'Joker', because you wrote it yourself, didn't you?
Beth: Yeah, erm, well this song's really special to me because when I was writing this song, I really wanted people to relate to it and I think that every girl and guy go through it. It's basically, you're in a serious relationship and basically, he or she starts acting like a right player, acting like a right joker and...yeah, that's what it's basically about! That's the influence behind it. 

3. How did it feel to be on set in Ibiza, filming your own music video?
Beth: Aw, absolutely amazing! I had a great time! Erm, and I was really lucky enough to you know, like you said, shoot the video in Ibiza and it was directed by Carly Cussen. She's worked with Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix...and just to work with a fantastic team was fantastic and amazing. I learnt so much and I loved it. I got to go on quad bikes - that was my favourite scene of the video! So I had a great time...very lucky. 

4. Carly also directed a video for The Saturdays, who you recently toured with!
Beth: The Saturdays, yeah! I was talking to Mollie [King] about that actually, on tour. Because she watched 'Joker' - the video - and I said Carly directed it and she was like 'I know Carly!' So, it was just really cool as well because I love JLo and that was an inspiration, you know, an influence for the video and Mollie got that straight away, she was like 'Joker reminds me of a like a JLo vibe', I was like 'yeah, that's what I wanted'! So, yeah. It was great. 
Me: It does actually remind me of a JLo vibe! 
Beth: Aw cool! Thank you! 
Me: So how odd you feel supporting the girls on tour? 
Beth: Oh, gosh. I absolutely loved it. When I found out I was touring with them I was so excited because I love their music, I think they're great girls and, you know, it's been absolutely amazing! The girls are so lovely, and the fact that I've been performing at amazing arenas like Wembley, really is a dream come true for me. And the fans have been fantastic and lovely and supportive! So, it's just been a fantastic experience for me. 
Me: Well, I actually went to see the show...
Beth: Did you?! What show? 
Me: I went to the Nottingham show, and I met you afterwards!
Beth: Yaaay! [Laughs] Did you enjoy it? Did you think the show as good? 
Me: I think it was amazing...and obviously you at the start!
Beth: Aw, thank you! 
Me: I heard 'Joker' and I knew that you were a great singer, I really admired you. 
Beth: Aw! Thank you very much, it's so nice of you to say!

5. Have you completed work on  your album yet? When can we expect to hear it?
Beth: Erm, not yet - I'm still currently working on an album so I have school tour coming up - in October. I'm writing now anyway, but after the school tour I'm going to be going back to the studio and working on my album. So, it's going to be pretty busy! But all good. Hopefully, my album will be out next year. 

6. You write your own songs too! What's your favourite track that you've recorded? 
Beth: Gosh, there's a few! I mean, I did stamp on it on the tour. So it's still going to be the same for the album, it's definitely going to be like Pop/Urban. Edgy, full of attitude. I can't wait for you to hear more. 

7. Well done, you've worked very hard to be where you are today. What would be your advice to any aspiring artists and musicians? 
Beth: Yeah, I do have advice. I mean, just keep working really hard and keep focused. Attend as many auditions and workshops. Join choirs. Before I got spotted I just did everything, I did national competitions, I even went to gigs for inspiration. Writing workshops...don't be disheartened of you get knocked back. Just keep going, keep getting focused and I believe if you keep working hard, you will achieve your dream. That's what I really believe in. That's my advice, just do as much as you can. 

8. Are you excited to be doing your school tour this October?
Beth: Yeah!! I'm really excited for it! It's really nice to meet the fans and the support I'm getting is so nice. Looking at the social media, and all the nice comments it's just really important to me. So I can't wait to meet new faces, and to meet new fans. Yeah, definitely I'm really looking forward to it. That starts on the thirteenth of October. It's gonna be great. 

9. Who inspired you to be who you are today? 
Beth: Who inspires me? Oh gosh, there's so many. Erm...over the years, I mean when I was younger I used to listen to artists like Dusty Springfield, Carole King (she's definitely someone I love listening to), Michael Jackson is definitely a massive influence on me, Alicia Keys she was my initial inspiration to write sobs and to play the piano, I love Tina Turner, Whitney Houston...Beyoncé is the ultimate diva - she's a bit influence on me. And I love Britney Spears as well! Absolutely love Britney Spears 
Me: I love Britney too! 
Beth: Do you like Britney? Aw! I was talking to Mollie about that, cos she's a big Britney Spears fan! Yeah, I think she's fantastic. So a mixture really, but my big influences would be Britney, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Michael Jackson. 

Me and Beth

10. If you could invite any three celebrities or famous people to a dinner party, who
would they be and why?
Beth: Ooooh, OK...well, I'd definitely have to have Beyoncé, because she's like the ultimate diva and I think she's fantastic. I love her! Erm, I love Stevie Wonder as well. I think that would be a really cool person to have there. Erm, I'd sit down on the piano having a singalong or something. That'd be really cool. And...erm...gosh...I'd have to have Britney as well because I grew up listening to her so I think she's amazing. Absolutely amazing. So I'd say those three. 

11. You've hopefully got a lot more great experiences ahead of you, but what has been the highlight of your career so far? 
Beth: The highlight...I think it would be singing at Wembley. Yeah, that was an amazing experience for me. The fact that I got to perform at Wembley. Aw yeah, definitely been a highlight for me. 

12. Sticking to the Joker theme, can you tell us a joke?
Beth: [Laughs] Oh my gosh...I'm not good at do you turn a duck into a soul singer? Put it in the oven until its Bill Withers! 

13. Do you have a message for all of your fans and supporters? 
Beth: Oh yeah! Just a massive, massive thank you for all of your support! It's just been absolutely unbelievable. Thank you. Especially at The Saturdays as well, everyone's been so nice! Thank you for downloading 'Joker' and for your lovely comments. Amazing. Absolutely fantastic, thank you. 

Thank you to Beth for her time, I'm certainly looking forward to hearing more of her! Watch the amazing JLo-inspired music video for Joker here! Also, don't forget that Joker is available to download now. Follow Beth on Twitter to keep up to date on her journey.

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