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13 Questions with...Lisa Scott-Lee

She is best known for being a member of successful British pop group, Steps, who had 14 top five UK singles. The band split on Boxing Day 2001 and she then went on to pursue a solo career. She also had her own reality TV show, Totally Scott-Lee and finished sixth place in Dancing On Ice 2007. In May 2011, Steps reunited for two successful 2012 tours, two TV series, a Greatest Hits album and a Christmas album! She has now returned to Dubai with her family where she has set up the Dubai Performing Arts Academy with her husband, Johnny. I got the chance to interview her about her new exciting career in being a principal at DPA, a possible future for Steps and more. Here are 13 Questions with...Lisa Scott-Lee!

1. Hi Lisa! So you've been very busy since Steps reunited in 2011/2012! Please tell us a bit about what you've been up to lately.
Lisa: After a fab reunion with Steps, my husband Johnny and I have returned to Dubai to launch our Performing Arts Academy.

2. Where did this idea first come around? 
Lisa and Johnny
Lisa: Johnny and I have talked about for opening an academy for a number of years and decided that this was the right time for us as we want to pass on our knowledge and experience to the younger generations.

3. What can people expect when attending a workshop? 
Lisa: We have designed our 3 hour Performing Arts Workshop so that our students benefit from learning the 3 core disciplines of singing, dancing and drama, all in one master class, taught by professional teachers and performers like ourselves.

4. What do you and Johnny hope to achieve through launching this amazing academy?
Lisa: Johnny and I would love to raise the awareness of Performing Arts amongst our youth, not only in Dubai but around the world as we know how much enjoyment it can give!

5. Why do you feel it's important for parents to influence their children to get involved in performing arts? 
Lisa: For us, it's not just about learning about performing arts and performing but also discovering the other benefits, such as such as improving fitness levels and building confidence, both of which stay with you for life.

6. Do you hope to open any more Academies across Dubai? Or maybe even in the UK?!
Lisa: We would love to expand DPA and our dream is to open an academy in our home land one day.

7. You have obviously been very busy with the launch, with over 100 children getting involved in the first two weeks! How did you feel after the academy got such an amazing reaction? 
Lisa: We were blown away by the support and turnout we have received so far. I think Dubai was ready for a Performing Arts Academy such as ours.

8. You're a mum to two very lovely children! Will you be encouraging them to get involved in the Performing Arts Academy? 
Lisa: Our children both love the arts and naturally want to come to our academy which is lovely. I guess it's in the blood!

9. You've had an amazing career so far and are a great example to the children attending the academy. What would be your advice to anyone interested in performing arts? 
Lisa: Be prepared to be focused and work hard to achieve your dreams and goals and don't give up!

Lisa with her Steps bandmates
10. You've spoken recently about how you and Johnny are settled in Dubai and Steps are currently on a break. Can we expect to see more of Steps soon? Maybe a tour or even new material? 
Lisa: We are in regular touch and we'd all love to do another tour one day as we love what we do and are our fans our incredibly supportive and loyal! 

11. You have had some very amazing opportunities - what has been the highlight of your whole career? 
Lisa: I've been lucky enough to have experienced so many wonderful parts to the industry but my highlight has to be being able to love what I do!

12. Who inspired you to become the woman you are today?  
Lisa: I have a wonderful husband and family around me who have always been supportive and I'm so grateful to them.

13. If you could invite any three celebrity guests or famous people to a dinner party, who would they be and why?
Lisa: My first guest would have to be Michael Jackson as I was lucky enough to have dinner with him once! H from Steps would come a close second, just for shear entertainment value and because he makes me laugh so much! I would pick Lady Gaga as my third guest as I recently watched her in concert in Dubai and she was fab! That would be an interesting dinner hey?!

Thank you to Lisa for the lovely interview! Good luck to everyone studying at DPA! You can learn more about the Academy and apply here! Don't forget to follow Lisa on Twitter for updates. Lastly, Lisa had a message for all of her supportive fans:

"I would like to say a big thank you to everyone reading  this who has supported me and Steps over the years and continues to do so. Much love!"

Thanks for reading
- Adam!

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