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An Interview with...Alexa Goddard

Capital FM's Meadowhall Christmas Lights Switch-On...

I'm So There with Alexa Goddard!

I adore listening to music by Alexa Goddard. She is extremely talented and is a traditional artist who achieved success through hard work and dedication to making her dream come true. Over four years ago, Alexa created her own YouTube channel, covering some of her favourite songs and using social media to promote herself. Today, she has already released a cover of Turn My Swag On by Keri Hilson, a duet with Wiley, and two of her own singles after signing with Roc Nation. Now, she's on the road to further success! I'm a huge fan, so when I heard the Marilyn singer would be at the Meadowhall Christmas Light Switch-On with Capital FM, I was So There. Meeting her was amazing. As she walked through the press cabin, I was told I'd be first to interview her. But first, she had to sort her out her hair. After blaming it on the weatherman, and her hair looking as beautiful as ever, I talked with her about Christmas, new music and more. Here is my interview with Alexa Goddard! 

How do you feel about being here tonight, at the Meadowhall Christmas Lights Switch-On?
Alexa: I'm excited! For me, I haven't felt like it's nearly Christmas yet until today. Like, this is an actual Christmas Light Switch-On, I'm excited. Really excited. 
Me: That's good, it's great to see you here.
Alexa: Thank you. 

What do you have on your Christmas list this year? 
Alexa: So, I need to think this through because earlier on when I was asked, I said a juicer and then I thought that's so uncool, isn't it? I need to, like, have a think. But it's either a juice, (laughs) so I can make some nice fresh juice, or just...I want a new wardrobe. Lots more skinny jeans, ripped skinny jeans. That's what I'm into. And leather jackets!

What is your idea of a perfect Christmas?
Alexa: Perfect Christmas is lots of food, lots of family, and lots of alcohol. Drink responsibly, though. 

When can we expect to hear the album?
Alexa: Definitely next year. Whether it's very beginning or kind of February/March, is still to be decided but definitely next year and I'm so excited for you to hear it. 
Me: I am too! I can't wait! 

Do you have a title for your album yet?
Alexa: Not yet. Do you have any ideas for me?
Me: Hmm...I don't know...
Alexa: I know it's hard! These things are hard! Whenever I watch other people being interviewed and they're like 'no, I haven't thought of one yet', I'm like 'surely you have!' but I haven't! (Laughs) I haven't. So, I'll have a think. 
Me: Will Marilyn be featured on the album? 
Alexa: Yes! That will be on the album. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians? 
Alexa: Never ever ever EVER give up. No matter how hard it feels, just don't give up. Because giving up is the easiest thing to do, so you've got to keep fighting. 

If you had a dinner party, which three celebrity/famous guests would you invite and why? 
Alexa: Ooh, OK. I'd have Alan Carr, 'cause he's hilarious. Derren Brown, because I think he would just mess with peoples' heads and it'd be brilliant. And...Rihanna. Because she's just hot! (Laughs)
Me: That would be a fun party! You'd have to invite me too. 
Alexa: Yes. You can come! 

Who inspires you?
Alexa: Erm, musically...India Arie, Whitney Houston, BeyoncĂ©, John many people. I could go on forever but they're the ones that come to mind. 

Finally, do you have a message for all your fans? 
Alexa: Thank you for being incredible and supportive, and patient, and hilarious, and crazy, and I love you loads! 

Hear Alexa's latest single, So There - it's brilliant! It is available to download now on iTunes. You can also visit Alexa's YouTube channel here. Don't forget to follow her on Twitter to keep updated on her inspiring journey! 

Thanks for reading,

- Adam!

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