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13 Questions with...Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony: On The Road Again

Fifth Harmony rose to fame on The X Factor USA in 2012, finishing in third place out of thousands of hopeful contestants. The group consists of Ally Brooke Hernandez, Normani Hamilton, Dinah Jane Hansen, Camila Cabello, and Lauren Jauregui. Having already won a VMA, and EMA and a Radio Disney award, I think it's safe to say that the girls have achieved tremendous success. I got the chance to speak to Camila and Ally and we talked about what Fifth Harmony have planned for them in 2015…

1. How is 2015 treating you so far and what do you guys hope you achieve by the end of this year?
Camila: Oh my God! I’m so excited about 2015. I think the coolest thing has been hearing the States sing ‘Sledgehammer’ and to rise on iTunes…and I’m home right now and in Miami it’s playing on the radio a lot. So that’s been really, really cool and that’s something that’s never happened to us before with any of our singles so, so far, it’s treating us incredibly well! I think this year…what we hope to achieve as a band…hopefully have the album do very well. Getting a number one album would be incredible! And I think if we could travel over the pond again, that would be great. We’d love to go to the UK again and maybe do a headlining tour there – that would be a lot of fun. Dreaming out loud here, though! (Laughs)
Me: Hopefully, we’d love to see you back here.
Camila: Aw thanks, we love it there in England.
Ally: Ooh – well, so far the year’s been really, really great. We went to the Peoples’ Choice Awards and also our song was in the top 20 on iTunes and the top 40 on Billboard so it’s been an incredible, incredible start. This year we hope to have a really successful album, and hopefully our fan base will grow so hopefully we’ll get respected by a lot of the other artists that we love who are out there. And then [hopefully] a world tour…and travel more…visit the UK again! (Laughs)

2. Since The X Factor, how have things changed for you?
Camila: I think…I think we’ve grown a lot individually and I think we’ve grown a lot stronger as a group as well. Like, I can’t even tell you how many things I learnt personally from The X Factor about just, self confidence and about work ethic…about just believing in yourself, I think. And I think as a group we’ve gone through a lot obstacles and have had to be like an ‘us against the world’ kind of thing (laughs). So think that’s made us so stronger. 
Ally: Hmm…well it’s quite different now! (Laughs) Now, we’re kinda, constantly either in the studio or in the dance studio or on the road! It’s a very fast-paced life now and before, it was great being at home and everything but you know, I’m living my dream and it’s incredible! The girls and I have been working really hard and our fans are freaking amazing! Yeah, it’s been quite a lot and we have all of it to thank, really our fans, because they’re the ones who keep us out there. Keep us growing and will always support us so, shout out the them!

3. What was it like recording material for ‘Reflection’, which is set to be out soon?
Camila: It felt really good. We had the EP but this is our debut album. I think we definitely felt the pressure because our fans have been waiting a really long time for this music and we had to make it the best it could be because it’s been such a long time coming. We wanted to make the wait worth while. It was really, really hard. I mean, I think that the making of an album is always really challenging it was the literal blood and tears involved, but I think that we…like, us five kinda really stuck together throughout this process to fight for what we want and I feel like the outcome is gonna be reflective of everything that we’ve gone through in the past two years.
Ally: Yes!!! It was so much fun. A lot went into this, running back and forth and a lot of blood, sweat and tears from me and the girls, but it was great, you know. We know have our track list, and now the fans know about it! We’re really proud of it and we’re putting our hearts into it so…an album for everybody to finally hear! From Fifth Harmony! (Laughs)

4. What’s your favourite track from the upcoming album?
CamIla: My favourite track, probably…it kinda changes but I think right now I’m feeling ‘Like Mariah’. 
Ally: Well one of my favourite tracks is definitely…’Top Down’. I love the message of it. Like, going out over the town with your friends and the melody’s pretty cool. And then I love the actual track; the way it was produced is really cool. It was very funky. That’s a word that I’d always use for it. 

5. So you toured with Demi Lovato, didn’t you? How was that experience?
Camila: Yes! It was a dream. It was amazing; I was such a fan of her from a long time ago, I actually did a YouTube cover of her song ‘Skyscraper’. It was like the first song I ever posted of myself singing on YouTube. I was such a huge fan! Just to meet her and see her as down to earth as she seems was just really cool. And she was so nice to us too, like genuinely nice to us. She’s probably one of the most genuine people we’ve ever met.
Ally: Oh my Gosh – she is incredible! We learned a lot from her, from that tour. We learned a lot of how you should be as a headlining artist and she was incredible. She’d always make sure we were doing well and on top of that she did pranks and stuff and we had so much fun as we hung out. She is just amazing, like, all around and that’s why she is who she is today and that kinda inspires us to be like a great example on the road. You know, to make sure we make out tour fun as well.

6. How does it feel to know you’ll be going back on the road to see your fans?
Camila: I’m really, really excited. Especially because we have this new music out so that’s gonna be, you know, new choreography, new stretch, new transitions, new outfits, you know, everything. I think it’s gonna be us kinda going out as the new Fifth Harmony. Like the 2015 Fifth Harmony. So I’m really excited. Also, I think touring is probably one of my favourite things. Just to chill and go out every night and sing, and you have fun. I mean, it’s probably one of my favourite things. 
Ally: It’s so much fun because we haven’t been on the road, in a tour, for a while. The last one we did was Austin Mahone and that was like, in the summer. We’re gearing up, we have a great break. We did some shows in between but now we’re gearing up for the tour! We’re about to start rehearsals soon. We’re gonna have a conversation about our set list and everything so we’re really, really pumped. I love going out on the road, love seeing our fans, performing for them. I love travelling as well and seeing the different places we go to so I’m so ready! It’s gonna be awesome! 

7. Do you have any plans of brining the tour to the UK?
Camila: Oh! Dude, if it was up to us, we would be there NOW. (Laughs) It’s not in our plans and we don’t for sure know the dates but definitely something that we hope to do this year, and hopefully we will. I have a good feeling about this year but I really hope that we get to go over there and perform.
Me: Fingers crossed you’ll be able to come as part of the tour!
Ally: Oh my God! Yes! Please! I love your country so much, it’s incredible! The people are so lovely and I just hope that we’ll be able to go back soon! (Laughs) I have a feeling we will…

8. Many people are comparing Fifth Harmony to the British girl group the Spice Girls, how does that feel?
Camila: I think that’s an honour. We definitely look up to the Spice Girls so much and just what they represent and how strong their personalities are. If they can compare us to a girl group of that category, it’s an honour and thank you so much, because we look up to them a lot.
Ally: They are one of the best girl groups of all time – we’re such big fans of them! You know, when people compare us to them we just get so excited and it’s just an honour. We can never be anything close to the Spice Girls but we hope to learn from them and hope to be as fun and inviting as they were, and as talented. Yeah, it’s really cool!

9. There are five of you and five Spice Girls, so if each Fifth Harmony member was a Spice, who do you think you’d be?
Camila: For one Halloween, we actually dressed up as the Spice Girls. So, I was Baby Spice, Ally was Ginger Spice, Dinah was Sporty Spice, Lauren was Posh Spice and Normani was Scary Spice.
Ally: Yeah, I think I would actually be Ginger! (Laughs)

10. If you could invite a famous/celebrity guest to a dinner party, who would it be and why?
Ally: Oh, my God. OK. I’ll do a male and female. I have a lot of artists I love but , female: I would invite JLo because she is one of my biggest inspirations of all time. I love her so much. She is just so incredible at what she does. She constantly invents herself and she always looks so phenomenal. She’s just one of the best entertainers ever. And the male would either be Ed Sheeran or Justin Timberlake because both of them are so insanely talented. Their songs are like my songs of life. Their albums are just like…me! (Laughs) They both seem like so much fun and so humble and down to earth about their success so…there you go! 
Camila: Erm, I would probably invite Will Smith, because I love Will Smith…I would invite, probably like, Lil Wayne just because I think that the juxtaposition of those two would work. I would invite Tom Hanks – because I love Tom Hanks. I would invite Morgan Freeman, 2 Chainz, Jennifer Lawerence. It would be a fun party!

11. You’ve had some amazing opportunities since you formed as a girl band, what has been the highlight of your career?
Ally: Well, for sure winning a VMA was ama-a-zing! It was crazy because so many of our favourite artists in the entire music history have won a VMA so for us winning was crazy. Such an honour, Also, being able to sing for our president was so cool, that was amazing because that was part of history as well. Also being part of the top 40 or the top 20 on iTunes was really mind blowing! 

12. What would be your advice to any aspiring musicians?
Camila: I think my advice would be…I think it’s important to know who you are as an artist, because if you don’t know who you are as an artist then as soon as you come into the music industry people are going to be telling you how to dress, how to act. They’re gonna try to feed you things that can make you think that you have to change in order to make it or you have to be somebody else to make it, which is always the worst rapt, because people always respond to authenticity. So it’s important to know who you are and believe in it, because if you don’t then you’re gonna be too scared of being yourself.
Ally: I would say, no matter what you go out there and go for it. Live your dreams and don’t let anything hold you back. Especially fear. I feel like fear holds so many of us humans back because we’re constantly worried like “what if this happens and what if this doesn’t happen?” but I think just go for it. Trust your struggle and believe in yourself and don’t change who you are for anybody. You’re an individual as well so you go out there and show it. 

13. Do you have a message for all your fans?
Ally: Yes! Thank you so much to everybody who’s been supporting the girls and I. We would not be here and wouldn’t have fulfilled some of our dreams without you. Ours fans are so passionate and they will be there for us no matter what. That is such a blessing. It’s such an honour to have such dedicated, loving and loyal fans. So, my heart just goes out to them. They’re so amazing. Thank you. And thank you to the UK! You’re a beautiful country and I can’t wait to go back! It’s going to happen! 
Camila: Yeah! Thank you so, so much for supporting us. Thank you for being so nice to us and so welcoming. When we went to the UK it was one of the best times we’ve ever had – ever! And…just keep the Nando’s nice and warm for us – we will be back. 

Download Fifth Harmony's debut album 'Reflection', available now on iTunes!

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