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13 Questions with...The Janoskians

The Janoskians: 

"This year is a big one!"

Have you heard of the Janoskians? Of course you have! If you answered ‘no’, you've most likely been hibernating. Aged 18 - 21, Melbourne's Daniel Sahyounie, James Yammouni, Beau, Luke and Jai Brooks began posting uproarious videos to YouTube in the summer of 2011. Nearly four years down the line, they have millions of views, they've toured the world, released various singles and they have their own movie coming soon. Impressive, right? Now living it up in LA, the boys are ready for what 2015 has in store for them. I talked to Daniel and James all about their plans for this year and they couldn’t be more excited.

1. How this year treating you so far and what are your plans for 2015?
Daniel: Yeah, this year has been pretty good, actually. Yeah, there’s been a lot of stuff done. A lot of work. Hopefully, all of us boys will work hard this year, get the movie out, hopefully release an album, music…yeah, just looking forward to this year. It’s a big one for us! Especially, with the movie coming out and…just everything!

2. Over three years ago you launched your own YouTube channel. Where did the initial idea for the Janoskians come from?
Daniel: We were all just childhood friends just going out together. One day, Beau came to my house and his brothers [Luke and Jai] already started filming some videos and Beau was like ‘why don’t you come over and we’ll film some videos’. So I went to I went to the Brooks brothers’ house and James was there. They were already in the group, they already made the group, I was the last one and they said I had to drink like this drink full of like cheese and hair and it was full of like, vegemite and all this yuck stuff! They combined it together put it in a mixer and I had to drink it and then I vomited everywhere! Then we just thought, like it would be a good idea if we go out in public and film funny videos ‘cause it’s never been done before. At the time it was really original, no one’s ever done it. 

3. You’ve come a long way since then and have achieved global success. Of all the ‘social disturbances’ you’ve caused in the past, what do you feel is the best video you’ve uploaded to date?
Daniel: Probably one of the ‘Awkward Train Situations’ – I think they made us. Like, the first Train Situations was really funny and just went viral.
*James returns from the toilet*
James: Awkward elevator situations!

4. How did it feel when you launched your own music career?
James: We’d never done music before and we were just doing YouTube videos so, it was like ‘that escalated quickly!’ (laughs). It was weird actually, especially telling our school friends they were all like ‘what was that?!’ (laughs). It was nothing like what we were doing at the start but it wasn’t something we were going out of our way to do, it was just fun stuff.
Daniel: And it’s still fun now, yeah. We have fun with it.

5. So you toured last year!
Daniel: Yeah, we did tour last year. We did the UK, Europe, we came back to America, did all of America and then we did a bit of Australia. 
Me: How did it feel touring together? Backstage and everything – how was all that?
Daniel: Yeah! It was crazy! It was a lot of fun; I mean hanging with the boys 24/7. It can get a bit much, but I mean, we’re all brothers, we all grew up together. That’s what’s different about us, I mean, we weren’t manufactured. We weren’t put together. We’ll always know where we came from, stay grounded.

6. As you mentioned, you came to the UK. What’s your favourite thing about visiting Britain?
Daniel: I like the clubs over there, actually. The clubs are pretty good. 
James: I hate the clubs over there, they were so shit. I like how there;s always a riot when we’re there. 
Daniel: Yeah, it’s always so crazy. And our fans there are so committed, it’s crazy. 

7. Will you be back to perform here anytime soon?
Daniel: Yes, yes. We’ve actually got something really big planned. Coming soon – but we can’t reveal the details. Soon, soon! That’s all I can say – sorry! (Laughs)

8. If you could prank somebody you know, who would it be?
Daniel: I’d prank Justin Bieber. I don’t know how…(laughs)

9. If you could invite any celebrity or famous person to a dinner party, who would it be and why?
Daniel: Miley Cyrus because I think she would be like, dead crazy. Yeah, we’ll have a fun time, it would be crazy. It would be a whole lot of fun. 
James: I’d definitely say Kendall Jenner, for some reason. I think she’d just be like…(laughs)

10. Have you ever met Miley Cyrus?
Daniel: I’ve seen her. I didn’t meet her, I was too scared to. She’s walked past us. I could have said ‘hello’ but…
James: No security or anything!

11. Moving on, you’ve had a successful career so far, what do each of you feel has been the highlight?
James: Probably shutting down Times Square or like, all those stuff…
Daniel: Yeah! Shutting down Hyde Park.
James: I’d go in there thinking there’s only gonna be like a hundred people but there’s like thousands and thousands and thousands…it got crazy. 

12. If you weren’t busy being successful in America and all that, what would be your alternative career option?
Daniel: I think I’d be…not too sure. Maybe a soccer player. If I trained a bit more. 
James: Daniel, what’s that team called? Was it Manchester United Junior League…Junior Squad? Like, not for the actual…what are they called?
Daniel: The first team.
James: The what?
Daniel: The first team. Like, not the team that’s on TV TV [not the first team] but the team that’s on like shit TV. You know the junior?
Me: Right!
James: This is information that no one has – so you should feature that. No one knows. I gave an exclusive to you!
Me: Thank you! I appreciate that - I feel honoured. 
James: Ah, that’s OK.

13. When can we expect to hear new material? 
Daniel: It will be coming out really soon. I think definitely in the next month. Maybe next couple of weeks – we’ll see. Yeah, we’re excited as well. We got some good stuff – can’t wait.

Daniel and James also had a message for fans and supporters in the UK:
Daniel: I’d like to say thank you all so much for the support for the last three or four years or however many years you’ve been following us. I’d just like to say, we’ll be out there soon – can’t wait for you to hear our new music and see our new movie. I’m just excited for you to be excited for us!
James: Thank you so much for making a riot every time we come, down there and we’ll see you very, very soon.

Here's to an amazing 2015 for the Janoskians! Don't miss Janofest in London next week! 

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